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Author Services


As well as writing, I do offer a range of services for all authors. 

Listed below are the services I offer. For pricing, please use the contact form and send as much detail as possible about what it is you require. I aim to respond within 24-48 hours of receiving email queries.

eBook Cover Design


I will happily design your front cover for your eBook.


Prices vary depending on content, but start from £15 for pre-made covers and £30 for bespoke work.


For bespoke pieces I will work closely with you to ensure you are happy with the final product. Please email me using the contact form for a free, no obligation quote based on what you want. 


Where possible, attach links to images that have inspired your choices.


For examples of my pre-made eBook covers and other work, as well as a list of other services, please check out

Heathers Turn PB.jpg

Paperback Cover Design



On top of designing eBook covers, I also design paperbacks. This includes front, back and spine set within the parameters of a paperbacl template.


As with the eBook covers, I will work closely with you to ensure a satisfactory outcome.


Prices start from £40 for pre-mades, and £50 for custom.

I offer eBook and Paperback deals starting at £50 for pre-made, £75 for bespoke


Email your details, as well as page count, what size(s) of book you're considering and whether you want white or cream print paper as well as how many pages will be in the book (So I can correctly calculate the spine measurement) Also email over any inspirations and as much information as you can provide in order for me to quote correctly.


Critique/Beta reading
Whether it's your first novel or your 100th, we still all appreciate that second opinion from someone objective and honest.
I offer such a service.
I will not come back with a negative response, but rather work with you to make sure your work is consistent, believable and avoids those taboo subjects that drive publishers to the brink.
I will offer tips, advice and useful website links, and I will challenge you to improve your writing.



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