Revoking the Witch Signed Paperback

Revoking the Witch Signed Paperback

*** WARNING ***

Contains violent scenes of a graphic nature


From one horrific tragedy to the next, Elora succumbed to the temptation of the darkness chasing her. It took her memories, it took her fight, it consumed her soul.

It took a mother from her baby, leaving the threat of an innocent child to grow up motherless and alone.

Deacon must try, one final time to save her from Cassandra and the black future waiting to devour her, but more than this, he must save her from herself. He must win back the love they shared. He must remind Elora of the life she knew.

Will Elora allow the darkness to win and leave so much heartbreak in its wake, taking her away from all whom she loves, forever?

And exactly how much of Elora will be left to save? Especially since Deacon is now the enemy.

A new evil is on the horizon, one that comes from the very depths of hell itself; an evil that is capable of so much more than the mere parlour tricks and black magic of anyone before him.
An evil with ties to Elora’s past.

Nothing and no one will stand in the way of what he wants, and he wants Elora. For himself. Again. Once and for all.

With her memory gone, and a dark influence vying for her vulnerable and impressionable mind, can Elora be saved before she does something so sinister, that it will not only change her destiny, but will taint the world forever?

And with the enemy on both sides, will she even survive it?