Lucas Signed Paperback

Lucas Signed Paperback

*** Warning: Contains some mild language and scenes of a graphic nature ***

Before he was Lucas Drake – Faction General, he was Lucas Drake – farmer, husband, father.
In Tudor London, Lucas fought struggle after struggle to provide for his family in a world that looked down on him. He worked his fingers to the bone, desperate to protect them against all the odds.

Until circumstances changed.

Thrown into a tormented suffering he didn’t think possible, save in the pits of hell, he watched, from the outside, those he loved dwindle and despair, unable to do anything about it.

Rendered helpless, he lost everything.

As a war raged on inside him, he fell victim to the darkness consuming his being, surrendered his humanity for reasons he could not even fathom and slowly began to lose himself to an evil not many knew existed.

Until he met his saviour.

Could one man really be the answer he so desperately searched for? Or was Lucas the only one strong enough to find his salvation, in spite of the weaknesses eating through his tortured soul?