Invoking the Witch Signed Paperback

Invoking the Witch Signed Paperback

*** Warning: Contains some strong language and scenes of a graphic nature ***

A group of women have a dark and forbidding goal in mind. 
They want to raise hell, and they’re murdering witches and sacrificing their unborn babies in the name of their deadly beliefs. 

General Lucas Drake leads a unit of elite, vampire warriors known as the Faction, tasked with safeguarding the apprised human population against anything immorally supernatural. So when Lucas gets the call that pregnant women are being murdered in a manner suggesting witchcraft, he enlists the help of paranormally-adept DCI Amelia Ellis and her team. 
Together they discover a horror with frightening complications involving black magic, death and sacrifice, but to what end? How do they find who’s committing such brutal atrocities with no leads and time running out? 

Pregnant Elora Lincoln is a young woman trapped in an abusive relationship. When the abuse turns violent, Elora leaves him, but not before her mentally malicious boyfriend tells her that they are coming for her, and she had better watch out. They will stop at nothing until they get what they want – by any means necessary. 
In order to protect her from Daniel she is taken to the Compound – a secured building that houses the General and his team. 

But how does Elora fit into all of this? Is she another pawn in this game? The answers lie in her ghostly past. 
Beyond scared, she seeks comfort in the arms of Deacon, The General’s second in command. He promises to protect her, but experiences failure when she is kidnapped from right in front of him. After discovering what is in store for her, can Deacon save her in time before she becomes another victim in this dark game? 
Can they all stop what’s happening before the coven wins, and Hell walks the Earth?