Claiming the Alpha Signed Paperback

Claiming the Alpha Signed Paperback

** WARNING ** Contains strong language and scenes of violence

New County. New Pack. Same evil.

After helping The Faction deal with their wicked witch, Nate returns to Wales as Alpha of the Conwy County Pack. There, amid new challenges, he teams back up with Vampire General, Quinn Webster to deal with the fallout of Cassandra's twisted attempt at world domination.

Quinn is still determined to eke out the traitors in the Imperial Court of Vampires; those that want to see peace between humans and supernaturals fall, and he needs Nate's help.

But when wolves start turning up mutilated, Nate has a feeling it's all connected.

Evidence suggests a human perpetrator - one close to home - but how does a human overpower a wolf? And what dark and devious secret was the late Alpha, Rufus hiding that could turn Nate's world completely upside down?

Nate and Quinn team up with old friends to find the source that is polluting a peaceful co-existence, but who is friend, and who is foe?

Can Nate trust his new pack to settle old scores?