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If you love the paranormal with a twist of thriller and a dash of romance, and crime ... then these books are for you. A tense atmosphere is what gets me going, with a little bit of horror and a LOT of alpha male!!

I love to write what intrigues me at the time, so expect the unexpected and take a journey with me into the deep recesses of what lies beneath my mind! 

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Invoking the Witch
The Faction Series Book 1
My debut novel explores the existance of the paranormal in a modern world.
An elite, vampire policing team full of hot, alpha males.
A sexy, feisty cop tasked with hunting down a coven of murderous witches.
And the damsel in distress stuck between two worlds.
With pregnant women turning up dead, their unborn children removed, DCI Amelia Ellis must get to the bottom of their supernatural demise.
With the help of General Lucas Drake and his team of vampire warriors, she must find the killer before they succeed in bringing Hell to Earth.

Available NOW

Conquering the Witch
The Faction Series Book 2
The second instalment to The Faction series.
Elora has given birth, but it isn't the end of her torment.
Her past threatens her future more than she realises and Cassandra is still out there, along with Daniel and another deadly plot to have her revenge.
But what does this have to do with Elora?
DCI Amelia Ellis's life is in grave danger, but can anyone save her before she loses herself to the beast plaguing her?
And what unknown force is working against them all, ready to take them down at their most weakest moment?

Available NOW

Revoking the Witch
The Faction Series Book 3
The third and FINAL instalment to The Faction series.
The darkness won - or did it?
Elora lost her way, and those she loved, paid the price - some more tragically than others.
She faces the danger of losing everything - her light, her innocence... her soul, because he has found her now.
Deacon must fight to save her, once again. But the enemy fights them from both sides. And a new enemy wants Elora all to himself... again, and for good.
Will Deacon overcome even his own fears in order or triumph? Can he save his love, and reunite Elora with the daughter she seems to have forgotten?
And will Cassandra finally pay for the devastation she has caused?

Available NOW

A Faction Series Prequel Book 1
Before he was Lucas Drake – Faction General, he was Lucas Drake – farmer, husband, father.
In Tudor London, Lucas fought struggle after struggle to provide for his family in a world that looked down on him. He worked his fingers to the bone, desperate to protect them against all the odds.
Until circumstances changed.

Thrown into a tormented suffering he didn’t think possible, save in the pits of hell, he watched, from the outside, those he loved dwindle and despair, unable to do anything about it.
Rendered helpless, he lost everything.

As a war raged on inside him, he fell victim to the darkness consuming his being, surrendered his humanity for reasons he could not even fathom and slowly began to lose himself to an evil not many knew existed.
Until he met his saviour.
Could one man really be the answer he so desperately searched for? Or was Lucas the only one strong enough to find his salvation, in spite of the weaknesses eating through his tortured soul? 

Available NOW

Claiming the Alpha
The Wolves of Wales Book 1
New County. New Pack. Same evil.
After helping The Faction deal with their wicked witch, Nate returns to Wales as Alpha of the Conwy County Pack. There, amid new challenges, he teams back up with Vampire General, Quinn Webster to deal with the fallout of Cassandra's twisted attempt at world domination.
Quinn is still determined to eke out the traitors in the Imperial Court of Vampires; those that want to see peace between humans and supernaturals fall, and he needs Nate's help. But when wolves start turning up mutilated,
Nate has a feeling it's all connected. Evidence suggests a human perpetrator - one close to home - but how does a human overpower a wolf? And what dark and devious secret was the late Alpha, Rufus hiding that could turn Nate's world completely upside down?
Nate and Quinn team up with old friends to find the source that is polluting a peaceful co-existence, but who is friend, and who is foe? Can Nate trust his new pack to settle old scores?


Available NOW



To pre-order any of these titles, signed by Lindsey Jayne, and to include a free gift, please click HERE and fill your details in on the pre-order form provided.

Your books will be ordered upon payment of the invoice, signed, and sent to the address provided with a small gift bag containing swag relating to the title.


Happy reading!!

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